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Popular TV show by Alexandra Cunningham, Kem Nunn with original title Chance first aired 2016-10-19 on Hulu. All episodes of Chance season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

If you are a fan of Hugh Laurie, then be sure to watch the series “Chance”, because it was this talented British actor who got the main role here. Dr. Eldon Chance works as a neuropsychiatrist, who, in addition to his main practical activities, also develops expert opinions for the police.

Eldon himself is a true professional with high moral principles and slightly idealistic ideas about law and order. It’s only on his professional path that a man repeatedly has to face injustice and lawlessness. Police routinely juggle documents, throw evidence and expose those who are not at all worthy of it. The expert data of Eldon himself are often ignored, which makes him question his own professionalism.

Along the way a man faces personal problems. His relationship with his teenage daughter turns into a true nightmare, because the girl is sure that her father does not understand her and is not able to make her life better. Sensing stress at work, Eldon Chance shifts evil to his daughter, only aggravating an already unstable relationship with the girl. The wife of the protagonist is also unhappy with his constant employment and lack of romance in the relationship. Demanding a divorce, it creates only additional reasons for family friction. .

Because of the juggling of several cases and corruptness of cops in San Francisco, the main character is forced to be in the center of a criminal conspiracy. The fact is that the wife of a corrupt policeman is accused of a serious crime, and her husband is willing to do anything to save her beloved. Natural honesty does not allow the neuropsychiatric to quit, knowing the woman’s guilt and having numerous patrons. Despite an open confrontation with the police, Eldon continues to work on the case, seeking in the end a conviction. Participation in this serious investigation puts in jeopardy not only the career of the protagonist, but also the lives of those who care about him.

Chance season 2

Chance season 2

Chance    2016-10-19

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TMDb: 7.1/10 38 votes

Kem Null with his work "Chance" was among the most outstanding authors of his time. This man wrote an unusual, provocative and very complicated in its structure a thriller that opened the subtleties of psychology, addressed the various topics of human emotions and feelings, as well as to focus on topics of professional success in our time. Before you the main character of the series Eldon Chance. The main character is played by a great actor Hugh Laurie. The character ...

Chance season 1

Chance season 1


TMDb: /10 votes

Psycho-sexual thriller sequence “Chance” is a display adaptation of Kem Nunn’s novel. The plot focuses on a middle-aged forensic neuropsychiatrist Eldon Chance. He’s a physician with troubled thoughts and has some skeletons in his closet. Eldon has grow to be so remoted from different individuals due to his job. He’s a lonely man, floating within the midst of this horrible ocean of unhappiness within the type of his sufferers, who're so bereft and in some ways past assist. However at ...

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