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Popular TV show by Bill Dubuque, Mark Williams with original title Ozark first aired 2017-07-21 on Netflix. All episodes of Ozark season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

Financier Marty Byrd seems like an ordinary modest person, not used to attracting too much attention to his person. He lives with his family in the elite district of Chicago, from where he has to move to the small town of Ozark. It is here that the action of the series “Ozark” begins. Relatives of the protagonist have to put up with financial problems, because the head of the family did not make the most successful investments. Now he owes a decent amount to the banks, and therefore is forced to hide in the wilderness.

Local residents do not immediately accept Marty and his family, but gradually the aliens from the big city have a common language with the local inhabitants. But only the relatives of the protagonist and his new neighbors do not yet know that Marty is hiding a big secret.

In fact, the protagonist made a fortune on the money laundering of the drug cartel. He developed an incredibly lucrative scheme that brought millions. Marty and his partners were rich before their very eyes. Once the men decided to deceive their influential criminal partners and stole eight million dollars. It seems that the amount is not that big, especially on the scale of the machinations that went through Marty every day. However, the principled drug dealers decided to take revenge on a financier who is not clean on the hand. And while his family settles in a new place, Marty can only think about how to avoid brutal reprisals from criminal authorities. Sooner or later they will find out where the main character has disappeared, which means they will be in the city of Ozark and destroy everyone who will stand in the way of their revenge. When justice overtakes the partners of the protagonist, it becomes clear that Marty and his family have already issued a ticket to the next world. Now survival depends only on the man himself.

The wife of the main character notices his anxiety, therefore decides to get to the truth about the true motives of the move. The relationship between Marty and his wife is rapidly collapsing, and he himself loses his head from the impending danger. Unreasoned actions of Marty can lead to the fact that all residents of Ozark will fall victims to his greed.

Ozark season 1

Ozark season 1

Ozark    2017-07-21

Returning Series

TMDb: 8.1/10 75 votes

The main character of the criminal drama series "Ozark" season 1, decided that his limit can not be those handouts that a person can earn his professional activity per year. Marty Berdska always yearned to receive only the best from life and not know of any refusal. Life by the rules was not able to fulfill his cherished dream of becoming rich, so a highly profile financier began to look for other ways of earning on the side. Fortunately, or, ...

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