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Popular TV show by Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas with original title Raven's Home first aired 2017-07-21 on Disney Channel. All episodes of Raven's Home season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

This comedy series tells us a story about two families. Two single moms, Raven and Chelsea. Initially, there was an ordinary female friendship between them, but then they decided to live with two families together. It’s easier to follow the children, because everyone will look after not only their children, but also the children of a friend. You can not be afraid to leave for business or work. Together we can not only look after the children, but also combine the work around the house.

Everything was wonderful and good, the children grow full and healthy, mothers do not get so tired, and when the girlfriend gets easier at hand, something inexplicable happened.

One of the children, Raveny, began to predict the future, which occurs in a few hours, and maybe even days. After that something unusual began to happen …

Raven’s Home season 1

Raven’s Home season 1

Raven's Home    2017-07-21

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TMDb: 6.3/10 9 votes

TV show "Raven's Home" season 1 is a brand-new multi-part comedy narrative, roughly two sisters, unmarried moms, Chelsea and Raven they both strove to reside together with their families and only speak, but then chose to settle at 1 home. And it is much easier to care for the kids if you're on the job, the girlfriend will probably sit together, nourish them and put them into bed, not needing to learn about the classes, then you may do the ...

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