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Popular TV show by Craig Shapiro, Elizabeth Kruger, Matt JL Wheeler with original title Salvation first aired 2017-07-12 on CBS. All episodes of Salvation season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

The main character of the series “Salvation” Grace Darrow works for the government. In the Pentagon, she has to deal with complex issues, on which the fate of the country depends. However, the role of the mother is no less responsible and complex. The main heroine alone brings up the child and tries to adequately cope with this task. One day she meets a graduate student at the Technological University Liam and his assistant, billionaire Darius. Men discover Grace shocking truth: to the Earth moves a huge asteroid that will destroy all life on the planet.

This asteroid will approach the surface of the Earth in six months, and during this time, specialists must find a way to cope with the space threat. Despite the level of progress, people do not have weapons against such a threat from space.

Shocked and frightened, Grace tries to protect her family from this information. The woman is trying to find a way to save all life on the planet, but the measures invented by the best physicists turn out to be useless. Along the way, the woman tries to establish relations with the child, who is outraged by her frequent absence from home due to work.

For the sake of saving billions of lives, governments of different countries have to forget about conflicts and unite. The clock is ticking, and the asteroid is getting closer to the surface of the Earth every minute. The threat of a planetary scale forces the main character to analyze her life, understand what she wants to achieve, and how she wants to live. Only a circle of elected, government agents who are trying to save the Earth know about the approaching catastrophe.

However, gradually on the planet begin to occur strangeness, affecting the weather. People guess that something terrible must happen soon, panic reigns everywhere. The government and does hide important information, participating in the largest conspiracy in the history of the Earth. Grace herself suddenly finds love and close friends. Her life, coupled with danger, is complex and intense, but the main character is ready to go to anything, just to not lose her.

Salvation season 1

Salvation season 1

Salvation    2017-07-12

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TMDb: 6.1/10 48 votes

The main character of the series "Salvation" season 1 works in the Pentagon as a press secretary, this is not an easy job she still has to combine with raising children alone. Grace copes with everything, but one day the life of the heroine completely changes. Bad news came from a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute and his partner. The fact is that a huge asteroid is moving to our planet and in just six months it will arrive ...

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