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Popular TV show by Stephen Tolkin with original title Somewhere Between first aired 2017-07-24 on American Broadcasting Company. All episodes of Somewhere Between season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

Producer of news Laura Price does not like the soul in his daughter, Serena. At one point the lady has a weird vision: she realizes that her daughter will soon be killed. Laura is not able to accept the fact that in her life a catastrophe occurred, although she does not understand who should be afraid.

Price knows how soon and how the murder will happen, but he does not realize how to help his daughter out. All the efforts of the main character of the TV series “Somewhere Between” turn out to be in vain, and the tragic date inevitably comes

Somewhere Between season 1

Somewhere Between season 1

Somewhere Between    2017-07-24

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TMDb: 6.1/10 10 votes

TV show "Somewhere Between" season 1 is American tv series made by sequence of ABC, an adapted version of this Korean job "God's Gift: 14 Days", notification about a girl seeking to modify the destiny of her kid. The storyline of this play series relies on a story from the life span of a normal girl called Laura Price. Once, rather by accident, the heroine became conscious of the eyesight that her daughter could soon perish and she even had an ...

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