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Popular TV show by Bob Daily, Garrett Donovan, Neil Goldman with original title Superior Donuts first aired 2017-02-02 on CBS. All episodes of Superior Donuts season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

Your attention is presented to the comedy series “Superior Donuts”, the events of which are developing in the city of Chicago. Life in the “Windy City” is constantly boiling, everything is changing rapidly, every day carries a change in itself, and if you want to stay afloat, you also have to adapt to changing conditions. This is especially true for business owners. The preferences of the inhabitants change, and we must react quickly, and adjust to them. But the main character can not do this. He is a man of the old school, comprehended the difficult science of doing business even in those times when the situation for a long time remained stable. The hero owns a store that sells the most delicious donuts. This place was always popular, the businessman did not remain in the loser. But now his business began to incur losses and in the future there are no bright prospects. If he, of course, does not podsuetitsya and does not change the concept of doing business. But he alone can not cope with this and requires an assistant – a young, active, masterly adjusting to changing market conditions. And such is! Franco is a dark-skinned, cheerful guy, inspired by the prospect of turning a donut shop that has seen better times into a fashionable place, which will not have a customer release!

Superior Donuts season 2

Superior Donuts season 2

Superior Donuts    2017-02-02

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TMDb: 6.8/10 10 votes

The comedy series "Superior Donuts" season 2 is based on a play with the same name by T. Letts and will describe to us the situation of the relationship between the owner of a delicatessen store and his employees, and, in addition, several of his regular visitors. The action of the series "Superior Donuts" unfolds on the streets of Chicago. The main character is no longer confident in himself and takes to work in his confectionery department a young and inspired ...

Superior Donuts season 1

Superior Donuts season 1


TMDb: /10 votes

Superior Donuts season 1 is the start of a new situational funny for CBS. The network is well-known for its effective funnies like The Big Band Theory. Currently, it is time for a brand-new program that will certainly make us laugh as tough as never ever previously. The brand-new TELEVISION program with a virtually informing name will certainly concentrate on a proprietor of a Donut Shop that has a hard time to earn his organisation thrive. At the very same ...

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