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Popular TV show by Peter Morgan with original title The Crown first aired 2016-11-04 on Netflix. All episodes of The Crown season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

The British TV series “The Crown” is very exciting, since it describes the history of this royal household of Great Britain at the interval following the Second World War. She is extremely fond of and respects her dad, who’s severely ill and prior to his departure attempts to tell the potential heir to the throne of several imperial secrets about regulating the nation. This stubborn woman is secretly in love with Captain Peter Townsend, that functions as a helper to her dad. .

In 1952, by a critical disease in a fantasy, King George VI expires along with also the Queen’s name goes into Princess Elizabeth, that determines in the coronation to not change her actual name. In the decades, Britain was moving through tough times. When Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, Sir Winston Churchill, world renowned for the entire planet, has been a prime minister of the nation, obtaining an extremely intricate personality and immensely enjoying power. At one time that he maintained friendly relations together with King George VI and now made a decision to overthrow his daughter, that didn’t enjoy it really much. The youthful queen chose to originally show herself as a separate and individual person.

By the timing of their ascension to the throne, Elizabeth and Philip had already had 2 kids – that the older Prince Charles along with the youngest Lady Anna. The Queen needed to unite the function of a sovereign with the responsibilities of a husband and a caring mother. And she did this. The main problem for Elizabeth was because of her stubborn younger sister Princess Margaret, that insisted on marrying her cherished Captain Townsend. But that he had been blessed, and according to the legislation of the nation, a part of the royal household didn’t possess the right to bind himself into a guy who already had a family and wasn’t a widower. Elizabeth decides to distinguish her dear, but due to the her connections deteriorate not just with her own sister, but in addition to her husband, that slowly begins to steer off from her. But that the queen’s service to her nation came.

The Crown season 2

The Crown season 2

The Crown    2016-11-04

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If the series is removed about a person living now, then this person really deserves it. What can be said about the heroine of "The Crown" season 2, now the ruling British Queen Elizabeth II. The elegance of the multi-series TV show is due to the fact that its basis was the play of the modern theater playwright Peter Morgan, named in the original "Audience". Since 2013 this performance has been successfully going on the stages of the world. The series ...

The Crown season 1

The Crown season 1


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Episodes: 1 of 10 Original Title: The Crown Country, Channel: UK, Netflix Release Date: November 04, 2016 Genres: Drama, History Creators: Peter Morgan Directors: Stephen Daldry Cast: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Vanessa Kirby, John Lithgow, Greg Wise, Victoria Hamilton, Stephen Dillane, Andy Sanderson, Michael Culkin, Nicholas Rowe, Rita McDonald Damper, Amir Boutrous, Eileen Atkins, Harriet Walter, Jeremy Northam, Alex Jennings, Rosalind Knight, Paul Sheridan, David Shields Language: English Runtime: 52 minutes .

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