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Popular TV show by Matt Nix with original title The Gifted first aired 2017-10-02 on Fox Broadcasting Company. All episodes of The Gifted season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

The plot of the series “The Gifted” will introduce the viewer to a seemingly ordinary family. But one day, children discover superpowers, and the familiar family life changes forever. Parents, in order to protect their children from increased attention on the part not only of the public, but also of the government, who are disposed towards mutants are not friendly, are forced to seek refuge in the underground organization of mutants, and start a struggle for the right to life.

If we are talking about the universe of the X-Men, we should see a connection with other serials based on comics. So, for example, unlike Seril “Legion”, the series “The Gifted” will look deeper into the world of mutants, in which they are hated. The series and films naturally exist in one reality, but the series will enable the declared mutants to say something very important, while avoiding questions about finding Wolverine. Nevertheless, the series will have such characters, after seeing which fans will be delighted.

The Gifted season 1

The Gifted season 1

The Gifted    2017-10-02

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In that the middle of this plot of this series "The Gifted" season 1 would be definitely the most frequent parents that couldn't even imagine that their kids are unique. Children started to show remarkable skills, supernatural chances. For a person, they appear to be a present, but for all these people they turned to severe issues. Parents are fearful for their lives of the kids, they're trying not to draw attention to their own loved ones so as to ...

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