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Popular TV show by Derek Simonds with original title The Sinner first aired 2017-08-02 on USA Network. All episodes of The Sinner season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

Cora Tanner is a young woman who alone brings up a child. She tries to feed her family, lives modestly and does not get in the field of view of the police. And once this unremarkable person commits a terrible crime.

The bark is found on the beach, at the scene of the crime, almost in unconsciousness. A woman can not explain why she committed a murder, and what motivated her action. However, the evidence of guilt is more than obvious, so Kora goes to prison, to await the verdict.

The case causes a resonance in the press, and the legal defender is trying to get to the bottom of the truth. Torn with remorse, a young woman tries to understand why she committed such a terrible act, and what it was connected with. Previously, the woman was not involved in anything like that, and therefore her instant transformation into a real monster shocked all the familiar Kora. To help the main character comes one of the lawyers. He was interested in the unusual case of Kora, and now the man is going to find out the motivation of the criminal. The first conversations with her do not yield any results, and the failures in Kora’s memory prevent her from correctly reproducing the events.

However, gradually the lawyer begins to understand that the past of this woman is directly connected with the committed crime. In his childhood and youth with Korah, terrible things happened, and now she is not able to control her own fits of rage. The desire to get to the truth forces the human rights defender to plunge into the situation, having studied all aspects of what happened. Struggling with the inner demons of Kor, reveals the truth about his past, which terrifies everyone around. The court is approaching, and a serious verdict seems inevitable. However, the lawyer was filled with sympathy for the main character and wants to reduce the length of her stay in prison.

Watching the series “The Sinner” easily imbued with sympathy for the tangled in his own life Kore Tanner. But is this woman so innocent? And what other secrets are hidden in her horrific past?

The Sinner season 1

The Sinner season 1

The Sinner    2017-08-02

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TMDb: 6.7/10 44 votes

TV series "The Sinner" season 1 is a screen version of the international best-selling book of the same name by German writer Petra Hammesfahr, which was published in German in 1999. However, this fascinating story probably so fascinated Jessica Bill that she decided to film this psychological thriller, and even in the television format of the eight serial mini-series. And invented the project and launched it Derek Simonds. The plot tells of a girl named Cora Tannetti, who, without understanding how ...

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