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Popular TV show by Neil LaBute with original title Van Helsing first aired 2016-09-23 on Syfy. All episodes of Van Helsing season 1, 2 can be downloaded free without torrents.

This series “Van Helsing” tells the audience about the relative of the famous Abraham Van Helsing – Vanessa. Like her ancestor, she was born to fight the vampires. The girl will fall a lot of tests, because she will have to fight not with one vampire, but with a whole race of these creatures.

In 2016, an eruption of a volcano erases a large part of the United States of America from the face of the Earth. Together with black ashes comes a mysterious disease – vampirism. One bite is enough to make a person become a bloodthirsty monster. But a woman named Vanessa is different. Her blood contains an antidote, one drop is enough to turn a vampire back into a human. A woman does not even suspect her own particularity. She lives a normal life and solves everyday problems: she needs a job, the ex-husband once again refused to communicate with her daughter, and her boyfriend beaten her friend. Neither the volcanic eruption nor the epidemic affect Vanessa until a vampire attacks her. A bite does not draw a woman, but introduces into a deep coma.

Her case is of interest to scientists, and the lifeless body of Vanessa is hidden in a secret laboratory. Very soon, scientists and military find themselves in the dense surroundings of vampires, and they will have only one task – to survive. By the end of the third year only the soldier Axel and the woman-scientist, bitten by a vampire, remain alive. Axel feeds her with his blood and looks after Vanessa’s body. Until the rest of the laboratory is violated by a group of refugees, which leads the vampire hunters. The bite of one of them awakens Vanessa, and he himself turns into a man.

After awakening, a woman discovers paranormal abilities. And she intends to use them to fulfill her duty: to find a lost daughter and save the world. But she has already been declared a hunt: Vanessa’s abilities are of interest to both vampires and people.

Van Helsing season 2

Van Helsing season 2

Van Helsing    2016-09-23

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TMDb: 5.4/10 77 votes

In the center of the events of the vampire multiseries "Van Helsing" season 2 is the daughter of the legendary Helsing, Vanessa. She is destined to continue the war with the bloodsuckers, under the heel of the whole world. Among those people who managed to escape from the fangs of insatiable enemies, the seaman Axel, who believes in friendship even in a perishing world. Vanessa 's ally is also Sam - a cautious strong man, who does not want to ...

Van Helsing season 1

Van Helsing season 1


TMDb: /10 votes

TELEVISION program "Van Helsing" is a totally brand-new folklore that tests typical ideas of vampire tales. The activity of dramatization collection will certainly unravel in an atmosphere where the vampires totally took control of the globe. Individuals have no selection about recognize exactly how essential it's for the survival of all humankind-- to join as well as combat with each other. Vanessa Helsing would certainly be the major personality. She's the child of the Dracula's adversary-- Abraham VanHelsing Vampire searching ...

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