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Popular TV show by Ted Humphrey with original title Wisdom of the Crowd first aired 2017-10-01 on CBS. All episodes of Wisdom of the Crowd season 1 can be downloaded free without torrents.

A personal grief caused Geoffrey Tenner to launch a unique project. The daughter of the protagonist died at the hands of an unknown attacker. The investigation of the crime proceeded sluggishly. Jeffrey had quite reasonable suspicions that the investigators would not be able to find the killer. A grief-stricken father managed to cope with emotions. He understands that you can not help sorrow, the deceased girl can not be returned. However, the killer must be severely punished. Experience in the investigations of Tenner no. However, he is a talented researcher who has excellent knowledge of innovative technologies.

The specialist decided to use his own many years of experience at full capacity. Since it is unrealistic to find a criminal alone, and it’s useless to engage in his own searches, Tanner took an unexpected decision that was quite appropriate to his professional activity. Jeffrey decided to create some sort of crowdsourcing node. By attracting a huge number of people communicating with modern networks, Tenner organized a center for information processing. Each user, who knows the slightest information about the murder, is able to make his own contribution to the investigation. At first the business moved in the right direction. However, later emerged unforeseen circumstances. On our site you can download “Wisdom of the Crowd” for free.

Wisdom of the Crowd season 1

Wisdom of the Crowd season 1

Wisdom of the Crowd    2017-10-01

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A specialist inventor makes an innovative crowd-sourcing center to fix his personal little girl's massacre, along with changing criminal activity resolving in San Francisco. The protagonist of the procedural drama "Wisdom of the Crowd" season 1 is the charismatic technogeny Jeffrey Tanner, who wants to uncover the murder of his own daughter. Confident that 1 head is excellent, and 2 is better, he decides to bring to investigation the atrocities of people from the vast expanses of the web and ...

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